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Lapack routines

Lapack routines

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This re-organizes the LAPACK routines list by task, with a brief note indicating what each routine does. It also includes links to the Fortran 95 generic interfaces for driver subroutines. Not all “BLAS” routines are actually in BLAS; some are LAPACK extensions that functionally fit in the BLAS. Level 1 BLAS - Level 2 BLAS - BLAS-like operations - Matrix norms. LAPACK is written in Fortran 90 and provides routines for solving systems of simultaneous linear equations, least-squares solutions of linear systems of equations, eigenvalue problems, and singular value problems. Lapack/explore-html - Lapack faq - LAPACK Users' Guide - Lapack The naming scheme of each LAPACK routine is a coded specification of its function (within the very tight limits of standard Fortran 77 6-character names).

▽LAPACK. ▻Modules. ▻Data Types List. ▻Files. •All Classes Files Functions Variables Typedefs Enumerations Enumerator Macros Modules. LAPACK. LAPACK (Linear Algebra Package) is a standard software library for numerical linear algebra. It provides routines for solving systems of linear equations and linear least squares, eigenvalue problems, and singular value decomposition. LAPACK routines are written in Fortran 77 and although it is possible to use Fortran routines (at least on the Unix system, I have no idea what about Mac and .

For the PGI compiler, both LAPACK and BLAS are inlcuded in the AMD Core Math Library (ACML) that comes with the PGI-compiler. To use the compiler you.


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